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Natural Low Intensity

Natural Frequency Alignment

Natural Sweeping/Pulsing

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Near Field Protection Action

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Too often we spend many hours (or whole days) within large and small steel, concrete, and plastic containers (buildings, planes, trains, and vehicles) while we work, live, and move about. These buildings and vehicles cut our bodies off from many of Nature’s natural healing emanations. You know this, you feel it. The natural Earth environmental emanations are the same energies that help heal us when we are sick, or injured, or broken. We feel good when we are outdoors! A cut does not close from magic, bones heal because it’s the natural energies in and around us directing the healing. Nature moves our fluids and bio-chemicals around inside us as needed.  

However, we are being assaulted anywhere we are on this planet - all day and all night – every single day and every night – while awake or asleep - by energy field-emitting conveniences that diminish and hurt us when they scramble our natural fields. We like them because they tell us the time, they entertain us, and they give us information and a lot more. For hours at a time we sit on them, we sit next to them, wear them, and we ride on and in them. We exercise on them. We mindlessly stare at them. We listen to them. We fall asleep while in front of them. Their emanations soak into us while we sleep. We speak into them. We hold them next to our brains and walk under their wires.  We cannot escape their influence. Not even in the remotest technologically barren places, because they radiate everywhere. Their emanations get inside us, so we end up dis-charging - losing our natural protective and corrective bio-charges, and we deteriorate from the chronic drain. We all soon get ‘dis-eases.’ We suffer unnecessarily, we die early…  But, it does not have to be only that way.

Our broadcasting, communication, power, transportation, lighting, manufacturing, war, and other activities constantly emit the pollution of unnatural, chaotic, and dangerous atomic, chemical,  electrical, gravitic, and magnetic energies and frequencies. Sadly, this is mostly because too often humans in those industries were always encouraged to be egotistical, afraid, and greedy - by what they think is the only life choice around them. The devolving system thereby feeds upon itself. It corrupts the people, preys upon their lower natures, and the people end up preying upon each other. The technologies we use mirror this harmful state of consciousness - despite the readily-available already-perfected cleaner, more natural alternatives.

 Harmful frequencies and other by-products enter us all from every direction, disrupting our natural inner harmonies, and the flow of our self-healing abilities. Our supposed to be constant and nurturing natural healing energy connection with our Mother Earth is thereby scrambled… The healthcare industry prospers, but as yet, still another industry feeding upon itself.

We are all part of, and extensions of, Mother Earth. WE must stay connected to her to be here. Becoming physically and/or energetically separated from our natural Earth home for too long harms our bodies and minds and health. NASA proved astronauts who leave the Earth must carry portable Mother Earth frequency emulating energy generators with them in their vehicles and space suits - or they become physically sick and psychologically damaged. But what about the rest of us? Y-O-U! What can we do to block the harmful chaotic energies assaulting us, and draining us, and to replace the good natural energies that are missing?

How about daily immersion in a cocoon full of the missing natural frequencies and energy fields? Since our DNA is shaped as an antenna coil, and naturally programmed to help us survive through receiving* and using the natural Earth energies for repair, wouldn’t this immersion into, and ‘resonant entrainment’ with, and soaking up of natural Earth energies give our bodies what they need to heal themselves in this area?

"Entrain" (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Zoology) To adjust (an internal rhythm of an organism) so that it synchronizes with an natural external cycle.

It is a natural phenomenon that when the closer you are surrounded by a particular local energy field, the more you resonate with it, and the more that local energy permeates and becomes one of the main energies that affects you. Example: Our huge sun’s gravity cannot suck Earth into it, simply because our tiny Earth spins to produce its own local gravity field. You generate your own body energies to heal and protect you, but your connection to the Earth must be strong because that is where they come from! The chaotic industrial energies don't destroy you outright, they just keep wearing you down and out unless you defend yourself.

Luckily, sufficiently resonant and close fields naturally can over-ride the influence of outer non-local chaotic fields. A strong Earth connection and good health naturally maintains its own integrity longer. Vacation daily on Mother’s relaxing energy-healing beach! Only 8 minutes - 3 times a day!



The only system to have all this.

1: Treatment Area. Your body is a whole system. What area needs to be worked on? All of you at once, no matter where the problem happens to be today. For best results the body needs a full-size body applicator mat. Using local applicators only does not come close in results. The local area applicators work best in addition to the full body mat. The MRS 2000 Plus has both the full body mat and a local applicator.

2: Proper Intensity. Your body was made from the natural Earth. Natural Earth telluric, gravitic, magnetic, & electric frequencies are of low intensities.  It is critical we use only generators with low intensities - between 0 and 70 uT (Micro tesla). ALL the top companies (MRS 2000, QRS Quantron and Bemer 3000) have found that the lower intensities work better than the stronger intensities. MORE IS NOT BETTER. In fact, it's the opposite. The lesser field strengths actually work better in clinical studies. The key is near resonance, not high intensity.

3: Natural Frequencies. Your body was made from the natural Earth. MRS 2000 specifically uses stepping frequencies that are closely aligned with nature. This would be around .5 to 25 Hz. Nature produces PEMF mainly in this range (ie, Schumann resonant frequencies, 7.83, 14.2 Hz, the north-south polar frequencies 11.8 Hz). Additionally, Electroencephalogram EEG studies prove that the brain wave patterns are also roughly in this range - .5 (Delta) to 15 (high Beta). Also Zimmerman and Adey Showed that the biological window of frequencies the body best absorbs is roughly 3 - 25 Hz.

4: Natural Waveforms and Durations. Important. Your body needs varying polarities. The MRS 2000 switches polarity every few minutes because the human body gets too used to constant North or South Pole polarity.

5: Biorhythms. Your body has natural cycles of morning waking - through energizing daylight activity - to natural evening relaxation - followed by sleep. MRS is the only unit that integrates a Biorhythm Clock.  

6: Warranty. You will be happier with this MRS warranty. Because these devices are around $3000 to $4000 on average, it is very important to have a solid 3 year warranty. If anything happens, fixed at no cost to you.

7: Support. You and your body will be supported AFTER you buy. Everybody is different and you may need a little help to insure you get the full benefit of the machine until you get used to it.

New iMRS


 In the field of Pulsed Magnetic Therapy or PEMF Therapy there are a lot of systems for home use that have been introduced in the last 10 years. Most of these units were manufactured and developed with the idea of providing research based on electromagnetic therapy that has a certain waveform, frequency window and intensity.

Today, there are only a few companies that still exist because the research, development and manufacturing supply require a reliable financially stable and experienced corporate structure. Legal requirements in designated countries, particularly in the field of complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM-section), have become more strict to protect the integrity and safety regulations of PEMF devices.Units History

The developer and manufacturer of the MRS-Systems and now the brand new iMRS, is the only company worldwide which fulfills all country requirements for supplying PEMF-devices for home use. In the USA the MRS-series is the only PEMF-device for home use which is registered and regulated with the FDA. In Europe the MRS-systems are certified as Class IIa-medical devices within the directive EEC 93/42.

Furthermore, all systems have a basic CE-Certificate as well as a more advanced CB-Certificate, which guarantees electronic safety and electromagnetic compatibility in the majority of countries including USA, Canada and Australia. We respect the legal requirements within the complimentary and alternative field (CAM-section) and never makes any false claims. As a reputable organization we proudly accept our responsibility in protecting the powerful technology of PEMF's and to guarantee effective, reliable and safe applications with every use. With the brand new iMRS we will now be able to monitor and respond to biological and physical conditions in the human body. This begins a new chapter in the field of digital PEMF technology (iMORE-Technology = interactive MOnitoring and REgulation technology).

  The Design Story of the MRS-Series

Our Design Philosophy: "Inspired by Nature."  Nature inspires awe and wonder and has given us the foundations we need in the realm of frequencies.

*Did you know, that Chondrichthyes (or cartilaginous fishes) have a special organ to detect electromagnetic waves? These "Ampoulles of Lorenzini" (named after Stefano Lorenzini, who first described them in 1678) help the fish detect temperature gradients as well as sense electromagnetic fields, mainly to support hunting. Beside sharks and chimaeras, stingrays also belong to this group of animals possessing this advanced organ development. 

The new iMRS was inspired by the graceful, gallant and streamlined shape of stingrays and their unique movement through their environment.  The design for our housing represents the sleek, fluid contours of the ray in harmony with the ultimate function of our technology: the convenient, in-home delivery of natural PEMF-fields for your health and wellness.  The result is a perfect synergy of look and feel. A brand new and innovative brushed rubber surface completes the high-grade finish. 

All applicators (whole body mat, pillow-pad and probe) have been completely redesigned and are built on the foundation of over 15 years of experience in the field of electromagnetic wellness worldwide. New materials, new architecture and a huge improvement in handling are your guarantee of the highest performance with every single in-home application.

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